Most Haunted Places Around the World

Most Haunted Places in the World
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As I had listed some of the most haunted places in India in my previous post, it had also made me wonder about the other places around the world which has equally given the bone-chilling experience to many people across the world.

The eerie feeling, ghost stories, or paranormal activities has always given some of the most interesting bytes to the curious reader’s mind. Whether it’s an abandoned castle or a theme park or a deserted stretch of road, there are instances and stories related, which are best described by the locals or the people who has actually  experienced it.


9 Most Haunted Places Around the World


Listed down here are 9 such haunted places in the world and been shared by some of the people who have experienced it for real It is definitely not for the faint-hearted. 



Most Haunted Places Around the World


-Ghost Palace Abandoned Hotel (Bali)

By Jackson Groves | The Journey Era


Ghost Palace


The ‘Ghost Palace’ hotel in Bali is an abandoned Bedugul Taman Hotel is one such haunted place, which has a mysterious history and is now open to the public for adventurous explorations if they are brave enough to enter this haunted hotel.  It’s just a 45-minute drive from Canggu to reach the Abandoned hotel and when you arrive tip the security guard a couple of dollars and he will let you in. It’s kind of an unwritten entrance fee. There are a couple of theories as to why the massive luxury hotel was abandoned.

The first theory is that the hotel is haunted by the ghosts of workers who died during the construction of the hotel. Locals supposedly shun the site and taxi drivers refuse to enter the grounds because of the spirits. 

The second theory is that Tommy Suharto, the son of the President at the time, was building the property in the 1990s as an investment project. Tommy wasn’t the cleanest of characters and was sent to prison in 2002 for ordering the assassination of a judge, who had been responsible for convicting him of drug charges in a previous case. Once Suharto went to Jail in 2002 the building project ceased as funding and leadership went amiss.

The ‘Ghost Palace’ is overrun by vines, bushes, trees, and moss. The elegant tile floors are now smeared with mud, moss, and puddles. The walls are covered in spider webs and vines and if you are super adventurous you can explore the cellar, which is strangely filled with sand. 


-Buchanan Castle (Scotland)

By Jordan Adkins | Inspired By Maps 


Most Haunted places in the world
Buchanan Castle

Castles are mysterious places. Once the homes of nobility, they eternally grant captivating insights into how people used to live. But not all castles are like those of Disneyland – and visiting the Buchanan Castle in Stirlingshire (Scotland) is one such haunted place.

It is hauntingly beautiful and is something that I will never forget. Walking within its cold, stone walls, over decrepit floorboards, I felt an eerie chill.  Defected to nature after World War II, this grand old home is still the official seat of Clan Graham, although it now sits in absolute ruins. 

While it is not technically allowed to visit, it makes exploring here even more spooky – though potentially dangerous. In many places, the ground gives way to dark chambers, the wind whistles eerily through, and strange noises can be heard, the direction of which you can never quite make out. Some say it’s the owls that now live in the fireplaces, but I am not convinced.  

Moss slowly encroaches from all directions, trees now grow in the middle of rooms, and the turrets tetter precariously above. It’s undoubtedly a spectacularly spooky place to visit, but also fascinating – but is it haunted? I can’t say for sure, but I’d be cautious of more than just the physical hazards while visiting…


-Port Arthur (Tasmania)

By Natalie & Steve | Curious Campers


Port Arthur- Tasmania
Port Arthur- Tasmania


Port Arthur is a former convict settlement on the east coast of Tasmania. From 1833 to 1853, it was where the worst criminals from Britain were sent. When transportation ended in 1853, Port Arthur continued as a prison until 1877.

12,500 convicts including juvenile offenders as young as 9 years old stayed at Port Arthur. Conditions were oppressive. Inmates were sentenced to hard physical labor including shipbuilding, stone cutting, and construction.

For even minor infringements, it was not uncommon to be punished with over 100 lashes.

Port Arthur was also designed to be mentally debilitating. It was promoted as escape-proof. Surrounded by water and joined to the Tasman Peninsula by a strip of land called The Neck, this proved to be true – although it didn’t stop prisoners from trying.

Over 1000 convicts died at Port Arthur. Their bodies are buried in unmarked graves on a small island called the Isle of the Dead. It is impossible to walk around the grounds and not feel the spirits of those who were imprisoned here.

Today, Port Arthur consists of over 30 buildings. The centerpiece is the skeletal remains of the penitentiary. Seeing the immaculate grounds and heritage structures is confronting. It’s a challenge reconciling the beauty of the grounds with how harsh life here was.

An evening ghost tour and tours of the Isle of the Dead are available. If you think the grounds are spooky by day, the lantern-lit ghost tour will get your heart racing!


-Monte Cristo Homestead (Australia)

By Beth Jarrett | Frugal Female Abroad


Monte Christo home
Monte Christo homestead


About halfway between Sydney and Melbourne is a small regional town called Junee. For a small town, Junee has numerous attractions, which makes it an excellent town to visit.

One of the most well-known attractions is Monte Cristo Historic Homestead. The homestead was built in 1884 on local farming land.

Monte Cristo Homestead has been touted as the most haunted house in Australia. But what exactly has occurred for this house in regional Australia to obtain this status? There’s rumored to have been up to 11 deaths that have occurred on the property, but there are four ghosts that are said to inhabit the property to this day.

Firstly, there’s the ghost of a pregnant maid who is said to walk across the balcony from which she fell. Then there’s the ghost of a stableboy who perished in a fire when his bed was set alight. Another ghost is from the daughter of the owners who fell down a flight of stairs. Lastly, you may hear clanging chains, and if you do, it means that the ghost of a mentally disabled man who was chained up for 40 years on the property is approaching you.

Monte Cristo runs ghost tours which include an overnight stay at the homestead. Additionally, every year in September, the Monte Cristo Annual Ball is held, where guests dress up in period costume. There’s also a Haunted Doll Museum at the Homestead and they open their doors for Halloween.


-Yongma Land, Seoul (South Korea)

By Marie | Be Marie Korea 


Yongma Land, South Korea
Yongma Land, South Korea


Built-in 1980, Yongma Land used to be a small family-oriented theme. Like for many small businesses, it had to close down in 2011 as bigger amusement parks like Seoul Land, Lotte World and Everland started to pop up around the city. 

A couple of years back the abandoned theme park opened again and is used as a set for some famous K-Dramas and K-Pop music videos like Crayons ‘Bar Bar Bar’. None of the old rides are working or are in use but they give the park a ghostly feeling. The park is also often frequented by couples to take wedding pictures. 

The entrance fee to the park is 5000 won and for 30 000 won the owner will turn on the lights of the merry-go-round (only after 8 pm). Props (selfie sticks, tripods, different outfits) are also available for rent at the entrance of the park. 

Visit the park just before sunset as that’s when it becomes more ghostly and deserted. This is a very unique place to visit in Seoul and you’ll be able to take some great pictures with amazing haunted or creepy backgrounds.


-Bran Castle or Dracula Castle (Romania)

By Kunjal Karaniya | Unplugged Moments 


Bran Castle (Romania)
Bran Castle (Romania)


Bran Castle – famously known as Dracula’s Castle is one of the haunted places in Romania.  The splendid 13th-century Transylvanian palace is hardly forbidding. 

Bram Stoker’s character, Dracula, resided in a Transylvanian castle located high above a valley on a rock with a flowing river below.

This character is often confused with Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), sometimes known as Vlad Dracul, who was a Walachian Prince. He, for largely political reasons, was depicted by some historians of that time as a blood-thirsty ruthless despot.

In the villages near Bran, there is a belief in the existence of evil spirits called “steregoi” – who were leading a normal life during the day but at night, during their sleep, their souls left their bodies and haunted the village tormenting people in their sleep. These evil spirits haunt their prey from midnight until the first cockcrow, when their power to harm people faded. The Dracula character derives from these local myths. 

-Savannah, Georgia (United States)

By Soumya | Stories by Soumya


Savannah Cemetary
Savannah Cemetary, USA


Savannah, a pretty little town in the Southern US state of Georgia, is America’s most haunted city. With an unprecedented history that was downright disturbing at times, gorgeous antebellum homes with gory pasts, and a creepy aura of the omnipresent Spanish moss, it is not hard to see why.

The coastal town of Savannah has remained a strategic port city throughout the history of the US. Consequently, it was one of the largest docking yards for enslaved people from Africa. Even today, if you walk down the River Street, you can spot warehouses and holding pens that were used to confine slaves.

Further, many of the fine antebellum homes in the city have grisly pasts filled with death, murders, revenge, and mystery. Take the case of Mercer-Williams house which has seen more deaths (most of the unusual and strange) than inhabitants. Locals swear to have sighted orbs and spirits here. Some have even experienced midnight ghost parties!!! The Mercer-Williams house is considered to be one of the most haunted sites in Savannah.

Among the many interesting things to do in Savannah Georgia, I think taking a paranormal tour of the city is a great choice. Obviously, for those who have the heart for it. You will tour and learn all about the city’s cemeteries, scary alleyways, and haunted historic homes. And photograph orbs and apparitions! I don’t think a vacation could get any creepier!

-Taman Festival (Bali)

By Chantae | Chantae Was Here


Taman Festival, Bali
Taman Festival, Bali


Taman Festival Bali was bound for fame and greatness. A wealthy investor and the Indonesian government built this theme park in Sanur, Bali, to attract tourists and locals alike. Rumors have it that the main attraction would’ve been a $5 million dollar laser show. One bad deal led to another, and the park fell into a state of disrepair. Roofs caved in, walls hollowed out, and the jungle reclaimed the carnival rides as their own. Some locals state that a handful of crocodiles escaped from one of the exhibits and roam the park today.

One of my Balinese friends told me that the park had been abandoned because of dark spirits. Overrun with demons, ill-health, or hardship often follows those who visit Taman Festival Bali.

Still, two friends and I ventured into the abandoned theme park, stepping over shards of broken glass and vines that wanted to wrap around our ankles and pull us into a dark corner where we might never be found. The only people who typically walk through the park are teenagers on a dare, graffiti artists, or tourists in search of paranormal activity.

While Sanur is busy and bustling, the park is eerie and empty. The air felt more humid than normal, and there were some sections of the park that seemed like labyrinths. After passing the sign to the crocodile attraction, I crossed my fingers and hoped it was nothing but a tall tale.

While Taman Festival Bali doesn’t top the list of things to do on the island, it certainly is an intriguing haunted place to visit. 


-Temple Meads Train Station (Bristol) 

 By Jenni Sheldon | Travel To Recovery


Bristol Meads Railway Station
Bristol Meads Railway station (stock photos)


Many people who live in Bristol UK, don’t realize there are a series of vaults underneath Temple Meads Train Station and are not aware of their haunted sightings.

Bristol Temple Meads Station is the oldest in the country dating back to 1840, so it is bound to have a few resident ghosts which makes it into the list of haunted places around the world. The vaults were mainly used for storage and transporting goods around the station.

I visited the vaults on one of the rare occasions, as it was open to the public for a guided ghost walk.

It was very eerie walking around the old storage rooms and the atmosphere was definitely electric with energy.

I have done many ghost walks and not felt as much energy as this before.”

However one of the platforms claims to have its own ghost. In 1917, a private was returning to duty in France when his wife told him she was pregnant by another man, he shot her dead in anger on platform 5, and over the years there have been sightings of the woman around this area.

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So, have you visited any haunted places like these, and do you have a story to tell? I would love to hear in the comments below. And, if it’s some places I haven’t listed here in the article, then I would like to include it here on my list.


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  3. Holidays from Hels

    So interesting! Came as a bit of a surprise to find Bristol train station on there, where I live! WIll have to check it out.

    We stayed in a couple of haunted places in the UK, St Briavels castle, Lord Crew Arms Blanchland and Madeley Court Hotel, Telford. I never get much sleep in these places!

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    Bhangarh is one of the few haunted places we really want to visit. Have you been to any one of them.

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    This indeed is a beautiful compilation, and an amazing resource, for travellers with a keen interest towards Dark Tourism. Reading all of these did give me goosebumps, but having been to Bran Castle, it did intrigue me, but no way felt goosebumps when i was there. Maybe, because no one told me the scary tales there ?

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