About Me

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A Vagabond from the City of Joy, Kolkata!!




Bitten by a travel bug for life, madness rules me, life loves me and wanderlust travel junkie defines me. I truly believe in creating memories than to live with dreams. For me, the journey matters more than the destination. As a corporate slave, I like to call myself presently, I am a  non-IT professional and working full time to sustain my travel mania. 

This blog allows me to pen down my travel journals and many other things revolving around traveling experience.

I love bringing unique stories, experiences, and practical travel ideas which are helpful to make a great travel itinerary. My blog also helps in focussing more on sustainable and culturally immersive travel. So, I hope I won’t let you down as you move ahead and browse through my travel article. Please feel to connect with me on my social media accounts which are mentioned in each of my page.

So, Let’s Explore together, Shall we?