GRC 2024- Giant’s Nationwide Cycling Campaign finished with a grand success

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GRC 2024 came to a roaring finish with 62 cycling clubs participating from a whopping 40 cities in India while covering a total of 4000+ km. With this remarkable achievement this year, Giant aims to inaugurate a few more flagship stores all over India to increase their presence in the growing Indian market. Riders from all over India participated in the nationwide campaign which not only promoted cycling as an eco-friendly sport but also ignited a spirit of healthy living in terms of building a community of cyclists. 

GRC Cycling
GRC 2024 – East India Jersey

I participated from Kolkata with the organizing cycling group known as Cycle Network Grow. There have been four rides from Kolkata (East) each clocking an average of 50 km around the city. The camaraderie that was displayed had a massive momentum to encourage more and more enthusiasts to take up cycling and grow a strong passion for cycling.

As Giant India aims to reach out to more masses to make cycling fun and affordable. It can be worthwhile to mention that GRC 2024 was a massive success nationwide. The aim was to encourage more and more riders to come up and join the community of cyclists.  

Kolkata also witnessed a total of 180 riders joining during 4 rides which were held between 17th February to 31st March 2024. Giant India also gave away 20 jerseys in a lottery to the riders who participated in a minimum of two out of four rides. Each zone had a different color jersey and I loved the red shining jerseys which was the color code for all riders from East India. 

During the four GRC rides, different areas were covered in and around Kolkata (right from village trail roads to proper roads) to cater to all kinds of riders from MTB, Road, or beginner cyclists. In each ride, we witnessed new riders joining in, as more and more participation was also observed. From clocking distances to gaining elevation, these campaigns/event also aims to ignite a passion not only to wake up early or just to meet a buddy cyclist but also to make life more disciplined and agile at the same time 🙂

Until Next Year!

One of the benefits that I always feel is due to cycling, I got to know about my city a little more. The places where I wouldn’t have gone usually, my cycle rides, have taken me over the years. It has made me much closer to my city while also knowing each pothole/bumper, which is always a pain for every commuter on such transport.  

GRC 2024 will always stay close to my heart as I am a Giant loyal and also love the brand for the number of versatile cycles and accessories that it offers to all masses.  As my black beauty(Giant Road Bike) takes me to new roads every now and then, I can easily say that it has been my trusted companion for more than 6 months now and I am simply loving riding it . 

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Cycling is all about the pain of enduring and the relief of finishing. And the joy which is derived from doing that, will always be unique to each one of us. Hence, until next time, Happy Cycling !! 

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