Creativity in the times of lockdown- Ideas on doodling

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We are facing an unprecedented threat. Lives have suddenly turned upside down. The world has shut its doors. Social distancing is the new way of life.

And yes, while we strive to stay healthy, there is another dilemma, albeit not that serious. 

That how do we kill time?

Remember those days, when we all complained about not having enough ‘me time’? Now that we have all the time in the world.

Take a walk down memory lane and reminisce, how great you were at something during your school days? 

Get back at it, cultivate it, coz tis’ the time.

It happened to me too. I got back to sketching once again, more precisely Doodling. I have been doodling away in my small sketch pad and this current situation has inspired me. I am fully taking that advantage. Every alternate day, I’ve been spending an hour or two. The emotions are at an all time high now. And I am putting it out on paper. Inspired by the ‘boho look, prevalent during the swinging 60’s, I have been doing a series of sketches.

There is more to sketching than just marking images on a piece of paper. It is a way of thinking. It’s a way one can express their emotions and bring meaning to moments. It can help visualize the various facets that constitute the world around me. One of the best ways to relieve stress is by bringing out my emotions through sketching. It helps me calm down and allows me to open my mind. I started on a clean slate, and filled it with emotions, etched out whatever I have been feeling. Believe me; this exercise has been one of the most satisfying phases in my life.




We have our share of mental blocks “But I can’t sketch—I’m not an artist!” While I understand the hesitation, I’m here to tell you that the art / aesthetics of your sketches is not the point here. The key is to express your ideas, your way, through sketching. When you feel unsure, pause and rethink your perspective. Don’t worry how well you draw. Instead, think of your sketching as a medium of letting your mind flow freely, in any shape, in any form. 



I shall speak no more; instead, I present to you some of my sketches or doodles on the “Girl Series”. These sketches which speak about a girl who loves to be bold, mixes patterns, who likes to dye her hair in insane colors, wear bright lipstick and do whatever she wants. She is carefree, she is fun, she is strong, she wants to be herself and yes, in a way, she’s me.

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Stay Safe Everyone, Because this too shall pass 🙂


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