Home is where my heart is – And that’s Kolkata for me!

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IMG_20170714_122350-01.jpegHome is where my heart is – And that’s Kolkata for me!! Here’s what I feel about my City

Do check out the link below :

Very Rough City Guide – Kolkata

My interview with www.addsomecurry.com about my city was a great experience, as I loved boasting about this great historical city.


  1. thetraveller

    Truly it is home. Very well written and yes brings back loads of memories. Good visuals and informative. Keep it coming and happy travelling✈️

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  2. Param

    Having grown up in Kolkata I can completely agree! Kolkata is one of the most amazing cities that I have seen out there…

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      Debjani Lahiri

      Yes indeed it’s a city of joy .. more u see it the more u fall in love with it.. thank u for the read

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