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When it comes to any beach destination which has a mix of alluring beaches with blue waters and has a rich tropical mangrove forest right in the south-western part of Thailand, I can think of none other than Krabi. It reminds me of the most thrill-seeking trip to Thailand when I chose to visit Krabi over Phuket to unwind and rejuvenate.

Krabi and Phuket are two very popular beach destinations and are located at a distance of 2 hrs from each other. Krabi offers more natural wonders like emerald pools, waterfalls, and dense mangrove forests over culturally and historically rich Phuket. Krabi is located on the west coast of southern Thailand and is at a distance of 783 km from Bangkok. It can be reached by air, land, or by water. When it comes to exploring the magnificent vistas surrounded by stunning blue sea, it is definitely Krabi.



After the pandemic is over, Thailand is soon to welcome all the fully jabbed tourists in full swing. There are direct flights from India to Krabi, which makes Krabi the second most popular choice in Thailand.

Things to do in Krabi 

In order to revive and rejuvenate with the long-pending vacation post-pandemic, I would love to witness the azure blue waters and the huge cluster of beautiful islands with a variety of activities to be done.

Island Hopping

With almost 200 islands located in the Krabi Coastline, it is best to hire a boat and explore the habitat or the popular islands on a one-day trip.

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Rock Climbing

Krabi makes it among the popular beach destinations in Thailand, for learning and experiencing rock climbing with stunning panoramic views.


Rock Climbing, Krabi


Visit Mangrove Forest

Explore the natural parks and mangrove forests. Witness the rich mangrove forest by kayaking and then taking a dip in the emerald pool or in the hot springs is a must.


Mangrove Forest


Visit Krabi Town

Krabi town is a vibrant place to shop, eat and explore. Also, do explore the night markets which are bustling with people shopping, eating, and drinking.

Krabi Town


Visiting Elephant sanctuary


I remember visiting the elephant sanctuary, where I witnessed that how well kept were those elephants and were treated with the highest standards. So visiting an elephant sanctuary may actually help taking care of these precious animals.

Krabi Elephant Sanctuary


Scuba Diving & Water sports 

It goes without saying that Krabi offers some of the best dive sites in the Andaman sea. So calling is there for all underwater adventure enthusiasts.


Apart from all these above-mentioned, treating yourself with amazing Thai massages at affordable prices, exploring the authentic Thai street food, or the amazing nightlife, Krabi would never fail to amaze us. 

Krabi is a beautiful laidback beach destination that would be a perfect getaway to revive your senses, as soon as Thailand reopens for tourism in full swing and starts to welcome with a rewarding smile, post-pandemic.



This blog is a part of my participation in the #BlogYourThailand contest in association with the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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