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People of Myanmar – A Photo Story


P.S. This article gives a sneak peek into the daily life of people in Myanmar. In this troubled time, instead of giving a long itinerary about how to plan a trip, I shall talk about how does life runs in Myanmar through this Photo Story.

A sneak peek into daily life in Myanmar – Photostory

As a neighboring country to India, Myanmar has a vast similarity with our country in terms of culture, food, climate, and people. However, as soon as I entered through the borders of Myanmar in Tamu, I felt as if I time traveled 10 years back of what my country was. Although the topography of Manipur (Indian Bordering State) and the regions of Tamu didn’t have any big difference but what changed was the people, language, and my phone network which suddenly got into international network !!

Read about my India-Myanmar Border crossing by Road 



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Myanmar Photos

About Myanmar


Myanmar formerly known as Burma (in fact I still prefer to call it so) had remained isolated under the military regime for over 40 years before it got independence. And, going through the series of revolution and under the several ruling parties, people of Myanmar have come a long way witnessing all of that. When I heard that Myanmar is still considered the friendliest nation in South East Asia, I had to witness it, to experience the validity of the fact.


It is the strength of their resilience which is the key to their smile.


1. Mandalay (Former Imperial Capital of Myanmar)


My first city in Myanmar, as soon as my car entered winding past the gigantic Irrawaddy river. Although, I was tad sleepy and cranky to say the least but managed to peeped outside the window of that damn car which was carrying me for the last 19 hours from Tamu. (Read about my road journey from India-Myanmar)  I saw the day had already started for the people in Myanmar. The fishermen were already setting their boats to go out fishing, wholesale markets were already growing with activity, and roads were already down to business with street vendors selling various vegetables, fruits, fish, flowers and all by 8 am.

Mandalay is home to many palaces and Buddhist temples because it was once the capital of imperial Myanmar (Burma). 

These photographs speak volumes about the daily life in Mandalay –


Lady Selling Flowers at Buddhist Temple, Mandalay
Lady Selling Flowers at Buddhist Temple, Mandalay


Woman vegetable seller in Mandalay
She was more than happy, on me asking weird questions out of curiosity


Buddhist Nuns of myanmar
Buddhist Nun walking back home after days work at Sandamuni Temple, Mandalay


Mandalay, Mahamuni temple
Senior and Junior Monk (Innocence int he eyes)


Mahamuni Temple , Mandalay
Young Bodhisatva’s towards their preaching session with the head of the temple.


Young Monk, Mahamuni Temple
This little one was more than happy to pose for me (see his excitement in the grin)






Sandamuni Temple, Mandalay
My Moments of Glory standing in Sandamuni Temple watching sunset


Mingyun Temple, Mandalay
Mingyun Temple, Mandalay


Sandamuni Temple, Mandalay
My moments of glory watching sunset in Sandamuni Temple, Mandalay


Two days in Mandalay were not enough for me, as I had to skip so many places to be visited. But by careful planning of what should be visited and what not. One must refer to a local city tour map or it would be a great idea to sign up with a touring group for unique experiences.

I did a food tour with Beyond Boundaries, Myanmar.   


So,  I highly recommend them for definitely offbeat experience. 


My U-Bein Bridge experience, Mandalay was not as good as I expected. We had decided to catch the sunset on the bridge which was our last place for the day. But, as I reached the place, there were at least 500 tourists on the same. And by the time I managed to get to the bridge, it was already dark and there was no place to even stand and click properly. All I got was the two decent shots which I felt was pertinent enough to describe the place.


Romantic for some and peaceful for others (U-Bein Bridge)


U-Bein Bridge , Mandalay
Monks at Ubein Bridge
Couples at U-being Bridge, Mandalay
Couple at U Bein Bridge, Mandalay


Otherwise, the most common shot you would find in the net, will be like this :

U-Bein Bridge , Mandalay
Sourced: PixaBay, Mandalay

2. Bagan – Myanmar’s city of countless temples and Stupas 

One of my main reasons to plan for a Myanmar trip around new years was to catch the spectacular sunrises and sunsets from different vantage points in and around Bagan. And I did that for three days.

Did you know that Bagan was formerly known as Pagan in the Mandalay  regions of Myanmar, before this ? And it has nearly 10,000 buddhist monuments consisting of (temples, stupas and pagodas)

Bagan is home to the largest and densest concentration of Buddhist templespagodas, stupas and ruins in the world with many dating from the 11th and 12th centuries.

The shape and construction of each building are highly significant in Buddhism with each component taking on spiritual meaning. 

Bagan is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site acclaimed city in Myanmar of having over

Bagan is fondly known as the sea of temples. 

Bagan Ancient City of Temple and Pagodas
Bagan Pagodas- You can find them everywhere in the ancient part of the town.
Bagan Pagodas
Of countless temples in Bagan, Myanmar

Another delight was to watch catch the sunrise and see the Hot-Air Balloon in the morning sky.  Only if I had close to 350 USD to spare for a 10 mins ride, I would have then given some mind-blowing pictures from up above the sky.  So here are the few shots I clicked up here 

Bagan sunrise
Bagan Sunrise, Hot Air Balloons


Bagan Sunrise, Myanmar
Moi savoring the blissful sunlight and gorgeous views


BAGAN sunrise
one of the many vantage points to catch the sunrise. Bagan, Myanmar


Bagan, Myanmar
Bagan Sunrise


Bagan Sunsets were no less beautiful, there are very few places in my experiences where I have witnessed both sunrises and sunsets which are equally beautiful.


Bagan Sunsets, Myanmar
My Last Sunsets of 2019, Bagan, Myanmar
Boat at Bagan
The Boat Ride is a must if you want to capture one of these stunning Bagan Sunsets


Bagan Lunch with the Local
Local lunch at Bagan, Myanmar with Arnav (

We were fortunate to have lunch with the locals in Bagan on one of the days touring around with Beyond Boundaries, Myanmar. This family made us warm Burmese food and fed us with all love and care.


Lacquer Workshops, Bagan
Lacquer Workshops, Bagan


Bagan, being a tourist-friendly place also has artefacts hubs along with many lacquerware workshops. Lacquerware is one of the major selling handicraft items of Myanmar. In the picture, it is seen that generally young women are involved in the occupation mostly. 


Did you know , that Thanaka Paint on face is considered as the symbol of beauty and pride amongst women in Myanmar? 

3. Inle Lake – One of the prettiest places in Myanmar 


Inle Lake , Myanmar
Lunching at Inle Lake, Myanmar


True, it is indeed, one of my favorite places in Myanmar. Stunning landscapes, serene Lakeview, gorgeous weather, and mindblowing Shan cuisine. The people I met in Inle Lake were the kindest and friendliest of the lot.

Oh, did I forget to mention that weather is amazing here, because of hilly scapes surrounding? Well, Inle lake is also been recognize as the World Unesco heritage sites.

And, for that along with Bagan, you have to pay an archeological site fee of USD 10 during entry. 

Inle Lake is also known for a traditional form of fishing practiced by the Intha fishermen. The people of the lake are called Intha. They have a unique way of catching fish in the shallow water. Those who have not seen this technique before will be surprised at how they made fishing possible without falling. It’s done by balancing on one leg with the help of rowing sticks and fishing with another.

You won’t be surprised that this fishing technique is only unique and done in Inle Lake . 


Inle Lake
Fishermen, Inle Lake


Inle Lake, fishermen
Inle Lake, Fishing Technique


Kayan Tribe, Myanmar
Kayan Tribe young woman, Inle lake, Myanmar


Kayan Tribe, Inle Lake
Kayan Tribal Old woman, Inle lake


Kayan Tribe is one of the indigenous tribes of Myanmar. And, most of the traditional women (young and old ) wear this as a symbol of pride. The belief is the longer the neck, the more beautiful the woman. 


Inle Lake
one of the cute kids in Inle lake, Myanmar


Inle Lake, Myanmar
Daily Life of a Common Man, Inle lake


Inle Lake, Myanmar
Where everything is dependant on the boat, Inle Lake


Inle Lake, Myanmar
Elated self, Boat tour, Inle Lake

4. Yangon  (City of colonial attractions, Myanmar) 


My last city before I returned from Myanmar, was Yangon (formerly known as Rangoon). This city had my particular interest for its similarity with my city, KolkataMyanmar was also under British colonial rule for several years before it claimed its independence. And that is evident in its British style architecture in the downtown city. 

Yangon is also one of the major business hubs of Myanmar presently. As, it serves as one of the major trading ports of Myanmar. 


Hope you all know, that Naypyidaw is the present capital of Myanmar.


Yangon, Myanmar
Monks at Downtown, Yangon city



Yangon Bustling Market
Street Markets in Yangon


Trishaw Puller, Yangon
Trishaw for a tour at the rural side of Yangon, Myanmar


Happy Kids of Myanmar
Dazzling Eyes of the future, Yangon


Dala, Yangon
An Afternoon Stroll, Yangon


Yangon, Myanmar
Daily Life in Dala, Yangon


Shwedagon Pagoda is the star attraction of Yangon and it stands out from all the rest of Pagodas in Yangon. Locally known as Shwedagon Zedi Daw The, it sits atop of a hill and is 99 meters high. It can be seen from most places of Yangon day and night as the golden roof illuminates the city.


Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon
Shwedagon Pagoda


Monks At Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon
Shwedagon Pagoda, Monks, Yangon


Yangon, Myanmar
Monk meditating under the bodhi tree at Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon


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So, even if travel is stalled for some time but there is always a way to satiate your wanderlust minds with this virtual tour of Myanmar. Don’t forget to read the full guided itinerary of Myanmar


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Until then, Cezu tin ba deh (Thank you) 




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    Cezu tin ba deh for showing Myanmar so beautifully. Loved it and I’m sure you enjoyed it fully while drafting it. Superb one.

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    Kya baat. Brought back All the memories from our trip to Myanmar, when Travel was a thing.
    Love your perspective of capturing the life of the locals.

  4. Avantika Chaturvedi

    Thoroughly loved going through this post! Your pictures from Inle Lake are to die for and your honest truth about the steep price of hot air balloon rides and overtourism at U Bein Bridge is appreciated! Cezu tin ba deh!

  5. sumit walia

    firstly a lovely blog with visuals. As I was browsing your post I could not help but wonder how a deeply religious country has had so much a history of violence and oppression and bloodshed. There have been so many stakeholders in this complicated situation that it is not easy to unravel. Of course, as you rightly bought out most of the common public have had the resilience to live all through it with a smile

  6. Jiayi Wang

    I was in Myanmar 3 years ago and your post made me miss it so much!! Lovely to see the Inle Lake photos as that’s the one thing I didn’t get to do. Thanks for bringing back great memories of this country!

  7. Subhashish Roy

    Your wonderful memories expressed beautifully through these awesome photographs. Made me feel I was there. Have not known much about Myanmar till I read your post. For me it was such a wonderful insight into a country that I have always thought of visiting. The monks especially the younger lot reminded me of my days experiencing Bodh Gaya. Their calm maturity has always impressed me. Lovely post.

  8. Shishira and Navneeth

    Very nicely put together! Thank you for sharing this – it took us back to our visit to Myanmar and those wonderful memories! ?

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      Thank you so much ..yeah saw all those lovely updates on insta of yours indeed is a wonderful place

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    Loved reading this authentic post of Myanmar. It is a place I would love to visit, your photos have really spotlighted its beauty and I love all the smiling faces in your portrait photography. It still seems to hold some mysticism unlike some of the more touristy Asian countries. A great post.

  10. Lia Pontarelli

    I’ve never really known much about Myanmar, except that I would love to visit it one day. Those temples look absolutely amazing. The hot air balloon would no doubt been a great view, but I’d probably have to pass on it for that amount too. Nevertheless, it looks like you got some great photos. And I’d seen photos of that one-legged fishing, but I didn’t know it was unique to that area, so loved learning that. Thanks for taking me along on your journey until I get the chance to have my own.

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    This is lovely. It’s a shame about your experience at the bridge. It’s bard to visit some places with all the other tourists getting in the way! ? It sounds like a great place and the smiling locals make me want to visit.

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    Beautiful reflections from Myanmar! I’ve always wanted to visit Bagan, and of course meet the Kayan tribe for myself. Thank you for a wonderful tour of these beautiful cities and people.

    1. Tami

      I enjoyed your thorough photo essay of Myanmar and the regular activities of the people there. Your sunrise and sunset photos are particularly beautiful, especially with the addition of the temples and hot air balloons! And it does seem that you confirmed how truly friendly the people are!

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    Love this photoblog! Myanmar is a country that has fascinated me for a long time, and your post is giving me some serious travel inspo. I really hope to visit one day!

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    Such beautiful photos! I think you’ve really captured the colour and vitality of the country and its people.

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    Beautiful and beautifully captured. I love trips and posts like this that really show the people and culture moreso than the touristy things. Thanks for sharing this.

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    Before this pandemic situation, we were planning to visit Myanmar for holidays as it has lovely culture and unique beauty. Thanks to your blog, atleast I can now virtually travel this place thorough your photographs. Bagan sunrise with those hot balloons is such a beautiful sight and I would love to have this experience when traveling starts again. Even your last sunset of 2019 is very beautifully captured.

  17. Clarice

    These are really beautifully captured photos. The emotions captured speaks a lot of the people and culture in Myanmar. I love your photo of Bagan. It’s just fascinating and I really hope to travel to this beautiful place someday.

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    The second Myanmar post I read today and I could go back in a heartbeat. LOVELY photographs. I loved the sunsets of Bagan, U Bein bridge and the Shan tribes of Inle lake. People of Myanmar have a special place in my heart. They are so warm and kind hearted. It’s a country which should not ever be commercialised.

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    Such an amazing visual treat this blog is. Bagan pictures are our favourite. Also the portraits from Myanmar has a lot of stories to tell.

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      Debjani Lahiri

      Yes the sad part is .. we observed that these fishermen pose mostly for tourist and ask for tips .. but that’s voluntary on our part to pay or not .. also the kayan tribes have also become a part of a tourist activity all together .. but then these practices are still believed to be done ..

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    loved the post . Inle lake is so beautiful and the technique of fishing is so unique. But sadly this has become extremely touristy…But u have done justice to the beauty with photos

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    Myanmar sure seems to stem those happy vibes. The temples and stupas are splendid! Also, your pictures exude the warm vibe the locals have. The various tribes and their stories are so inviting. Would love to visit someday and take in all that this seemingly wonderful culture has to offer!

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    hi There. Your phones gave me a sneak peek of the life in Myanmar and really really enjoyed each one of them. The kids and women, they still are maintaining their culture and it is so good to see that. Scrolling through these photos made me want to visit Myanmar virtually!

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    Second post from Myanmar and already looking forward to visiting this beauty all the more. So reach in history, culture and architecture. Will def bookmark this Blogpost while planning Myanmar.

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    Myanmar is so beautiful and it has came out in your pictures. I am reliving my days in Myanmar reading your blog. The photos of the young monks are quite lovely. You saw a lot of balloons in Bagan. It was raining when we visited and we hardly saw a few. Once again, lovely photographs.

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      Debjani Lahiri

      Yes I remembwr about you not able to spot much balloons.. we were lucky that way to get ample views of that.. and yes myanmar and its people left me speechless

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    I have had the wish to travel to Myanmar as well as Bhutan for a long time. These photos make me wish to have that journey as soon as the COVID problem is done! ?

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